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1303 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Fundamental LA is a modern neighborhood restaurant in Westwood, serving creative food made from the freshest farmer's market ingredients. Our focus is continually put on creating unfussy food that feeds the soul. Fundamental LA is located near the corner of Wellworth and Westwood, in Los Angeles.



enjoy a 7-course dinner at fundamental LA with greek winemaker Dioni Samara of Domaine Porto Carras

6 wines . 7 courses $35 wine . $65 food




Join us for dinner on Saturday March 28th, where we will be pouring the wines of Dioni Samara, winemaker and Yliana Stengou, owner of Domaine Porto Carras

For reservations please email or call 310.918.3942

*$100 is not inclusive of tax or tip


The vineyards of Domaine Porto Carras, located on the lush slopes of Mount Meliton, overlook the clear waters of the Gulf of Toroneos on the peninsula in Macedonia, Greece. There are over 11,120 acres of stunning terraced vineyards making-up one of the largest and most picturesque vineyards in Greece. During a cruise to Mount Athos in 1963, Giannis Carras fell in love with the land and had great hopes for optimizing the vineyards.

With the help of Emile Peynaud, the father of modern wine-making, they determined the best grapes to plant in the various soil conditions and climates. Eventually 29 varieties of grapes were planted, consisting of 15 Greek and 14 French. The very first commercially vinted Cabernet Sauvignon from Greece came from the Slopes of Mount Meliton. However, the indigenous varietals are the pride of the chateau. The current owner, Ylianna Stengou, has devoted herself to the Domaine and the development of indigenous Greek varieties, including Limnio, the oldest recorded varietal and Assyrtiko, the oldest recorded white varietal.

Domaine Porto Carras is the largest Organic vineyard in Greece thanks to the exceptional ecological profile of the region. The terraced vineyards are virtually free of most of the vine diseases that trouble producers in other regions and all the vineyards are planted in terraces allowing for perfect drainage. The domaine's chalky and schistose soils contribute to their low vine disease issues. All of these factors come together perfectly to allow the best grapes in the country to become some of the best wines in the world.


what we are currently pouring...

Domaine Porto carras, limnio . 2011 (halkidiki, greece)

We are currently pouring the delightful Limnio, which is medium-bodied and fruit driven with notes of cherry, raspberry, and is balanced with savory aromas of olives and pepper.